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Veneer Lamination

The Madeira, justifying its reputation, now has one of the most complete collections of veneers domestically. The Coating plant is able to satisfy the most demanding customers with commitment to quality and customized productions. The customer can choose from wide range of species and quality veneer as well as the surface that wants to laminate.
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The Madeira was always the main importer of MDF from the most reputable firms in Europe. After 25 years of cooperation, it now supplies its clients with excellent products, certified and light colored that can be laminated with all kinds of veneer. Madeira can also supply, moisture resistant (MR-MDF), flame retardant and low-formaldehyde MDF content.
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Following strong demand from its customers, Madeira entered dynamically the market of MFC as exclusive importer-distributor of MFC production company ORMA, Turkey.
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Madeira in the recent years has actively entered the timber market. With the help of experienced personnel, Madeira SA is now able to supply its customers with a fairly wide range of kill dried timber in a wide variety of dimensions.

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For more than 40 years, Madeira S.A., has been an steady and dynamic player in the lumber trading and processing business in Greece. Systematic work, low profile as well as respect towards our clients and personnel are the basic components of our corporate identity. Our principles combined with the transparency in our transactions and our well thought moves have made Madeira S.A., one of the top companies in the industry.