The Company

For more than 40 years, Madeira S.A., has been an steady and dynamic player in the lumber trading and processing business in Greece. Systematic work, a low profile as well as true respect towards our clients and personnel are the basic components of our corporate identity. Our principles combined with the transparency in our transactions and our well-thought moves have made Madeira S.A., one of the top companies in the industry.

Madeira S.A. has been in the lumber industry for more than 40 years, valuing its collaborations while respecting the needs and abilities of its clients. The company has, as its primary goal to support the Greek market and help towards the exiting of the recession in the Greek construction business.

Why Madeira?

  • Madeira has been investing in new products, promoting them to the Greek Market and keeping large stocks.
  • Madeira operates according to the international laws and regulations and offers its clients only certified goods.
  • Madeira understands the rough times its clients have been going through, due to the Greek economy, and tries to be supportive towards them.


The registered seat of the company is in Kifissia, just 7 kilometres from the center of Athens, and in very close proximity to the National as well as the Attica Freeway.

Our lumber processing and trading business is housed on a land of 12,000m2 and in premises that can fit 30,000 m3.